Simple Steps to Install and Activate Norton Security

Norton Security Software was introduced to provide a secure browsing experience to the users. The Norton software comes in three different variants that are Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium. These variants differ based on their features and functionalities. In this article, we will be discussing how to Install and Activate Norton Security on your device. Install Norton Security

Steps to Install and Activate Norton 360 protection

In order to successfully install the Norton Software on our device, you will be needed to uninstall the existing security software from your device if it is there. If you have been using other Products of Norton Security or of Different software makers then you will be needed to first uninstall them.

Step: 1 Uninstall Previously Installed Security SoftwareActivate Norton Security

Steps to Uninstall on Windows

  • Click on the start menu and open the Control Panel Window.
  • Now click on the Program and features option from the opened window.
  • After that, choose the program you want to uninstall from the list and then click on Uninstall/Change option.
  • Now choose the Norton Complete Uninstall Option and Complete the Uninstallation process of other security software.
  • after this, you will get a subscription warning message on your screen. Click on Next and then restart your device.

Steps to Uninstall On Mac

There are three different ways through which you can remove security software from your Mac Device.

  • You can directly Uninstall it from the Desktop launchpad. You need to select the icon and then hold it until all the icons on the device start shaking. Now click on the delete(X) option.
  • If the delete option is not available then you can use the uninstaller tool to remove the software from your device.
  • you can move the Security software file into the trash folder to remove it from your device. Make sure to delete it from the trash folder too and then restart your device.

Step: 2 Steps to Install and Activate Norton Security

After successfully uninstalling the previously installed security software from your device. Now you can follow the steps mentioned below to download and activate the Norton Software on your device.
Norton Security

  • Open a browser on your device and go to
  • Now click on the My Account option at the top-right corner and then enter the login credentials of your norton account. If you don’t have an account then you can create one.
  • If you are logging into your Norton Account for the first time after purchasing the Norton Security Software or From a device without Norton Software Installed then a message will be displayed on the screen with two choices: 1. Install On this Device. 2 Install on Another Device.
  • After this click on “Agree” to confirm and then download to start the downloading process of the software on the device you are using
  • Now, wait until the software is downloaded completely. In case, you have accidentally closed this window, You can click on the devices tab to go to the same page.
  • After successfully downloading the software, open the Norton Downloaded program to start the installation process.
  • Start the Norton Downloaded program by double-clicking on it and then follow the instructions as prompted to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation process will be finished, the software will be activated on your device.

Step: 3 Install Norton Security Software on Other Devices

if you are required to install the Norton Security Software on Other devices in your home and office then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • open a browser on your new device and go to
  • Now enter your Norton login credentials to access the Norton Management Console.
  • Now, at the Management window, right-above the download button, click on “do you want to add more devices”.
  • After this click on Download and then go to “install on Another device tab”.
  • After this follow the instructions as prompted on the screen to complete the download and installation process.

This way you can successfully download and install the Norton Product on your computer. If you are looking to buy Norton Security Product online then you can find great deals at various websites online. they are offering Norton Security Software at a discounted price. Along with this, You can also download and install the Norton Toolbar on your device to enjoy the benefits of surfing and browsing online in a secure environment. this toolbar will warn users about the fake websites.

Benefits and Usage of Norton ToolBar

Norton Security Software comes with various in-built tools that help the user to keep their system secure with ease. The Norton toolbar is one such feature of Norton 360 Protection Software that manages multiple tasks of the user.  Once you will install the Norton toolbar on your device, then it will manage multiple tasks like Storing passwords, Credit Card Information, Personal Information, etc. It will make sure to save and record all the useful information entered by the user and keep it in an encrypted format to store it. Norton Security Toolbar

The Norton toolbar is useful in various forms. It will warn the user about fraudulent websites and also blocks websites that might trick users to steal personal information. With the stored information on the Norton toolbar, the User will be able to fill out the form with just one click.

How to Setup Norton Tool Bar?Norton Toolbar

In order to use the Norton toolBar, You need to first download and install it on your device. Once the Toolbar is installed successfully on your device, Now you are required to create a profile to store the information. while creating the profile, the user will be required to enter the credit card information, data, passwords, or other personal information that is being used generally online. You can change this information whenever you want by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on “Norton Menu” on the toolbar.
  • Now from the list of menu, click on Settings.
  • Make the required changes in your personal information and then click on save.
  • close the window to complete the process.

The data Stored in the Norton Toolbar is completely secured and encrypted. You don’t need to worry about data being stolen as it is kept in a secured vault.

Features and Benefits of Norton Tool Bar

After learning about all the benefits and features of the Norton ToolBar, you will be able to make a quick decision about using this feature of Norton 360 Protection Software. Norton 360 Protection

Safe Browsing

While browsing online, the Norton toolbar will inform the user about the status of the website with greed, Yellow and red Mark. these are referred to as safety state icons where the green mark represents safe, Yellow represents may be safe or Maybe not, and red Represents the Unsafe Website. these icons will warn the user about a fake website even on the search result to prevent opening it.

Store Login Credentials

The Norton Toolbar will automatically save the Login Information whenever the user visits a new website and try logging in. After that, the user can make use of the Auto-login feature to directly login to the website. the Norton toolbar will auto-fill the password when required. you will be needed to enter the master password once to store and auto-fill the password.

Fill Forms

After successfully creating your profile in the Norton Toolbar, Now you can fill out forms with just one click. the Norton toolBar will auto-fill all the required information on the website based on your identity cards. you will be required to create these cards for once by filling in the required information according to the website. However, Users can choose to fill the form manually or by auto-fill.

Store Information

Apart from the sections mentioned in the profile page, If you are required to store other information as well then you can make use of the Notes on Norton Tool Bar. Click on the menu icon and click on the Manage notes option. Here you can store the other important details like Passport information, Social Security Numbers, etc.

With these benefits and advantages of the Norton toolbar, users can enjoy a Secure and Safe browsing experience online. The Norton toolbar will make it quite easier for the user to fill out forms and other personal information easily with just one-click. Just Like this, there are also some other tools of Norton 360 Security that can be very useful to you. One Such tool is Norton PC Tune-Up. This tool is capable of Tune-up your PC to increase the efficiency of your device. It will remove the unnecessary files and optimize the process on your device to enhance the PC Performance.

However, If are looking for some technical assistance for any kind of issue with the Norton Software then you can contact the technical assistance team at Norton Security.

Steps To Use Norton Pc Tune-Up To Enhance PC Performance

Having Antivirus software on all your device is a must to keep your personal information and data secure from any kind of web threat. There are various spammers and hackers out there who are always trying to breach the security to access the private and personal information of the users. However, Norton 360 protection offers complete security against these kinds of spyware attacks. It offers to keep your device secure from spammers and hackers. Along with its security mechanism, the Norton Software also enhances the PC Performance. Norton PC Tune up

So you won’t need to use separate software to Tune-up your PC. You can use the Norton Pc Tune-Up Software to strengthens the Pc performance.

The Norton Pc Tune-Up features will troubleshoot the common issues on your computer that can affect the performance of your device. This software will ensure both the security and performance of your device at the same time. Hence, it is the best tool to keep your device performance just like a new one.

So if you are facing processing issues while running your device then it might need a Tune-up. the PC TuneUp Software will work in different ways to optimize the functioning of software on your device. It will look for the temporary files or old files that are taking unnecessary space in your device. the software will detect and resolve the common errors and ensure the efficiency level of your device. If it won’t find any issues with these things, then it will optimize the processes and recommend the user about the necessary updates. Along with this, the software will run the defragmentation process to optimize the space on your hard drive. it will improve the responsiveness and speed of the system. These features and functionalities make it one of the best Pc tune Up Software. So there are various advantages of choosing Norton 360 software.  In case, you have got an issue while tuning your PC then you can also contact the technical assistance team at Norton. they are available 24×7.Norton 360 Protection

Advantages of Using Norton Pc Tune-Up

Here is the list of the benefits of this Norton Product. it will help you to understand the functioning of the software too.

  • The Software will automatically detect and diagnose the issues that can cause some common errors like Freezing of devices, crashing, etc. It will make sure to alter all the complex settings of your device without the involvement of the user to detect and diagnose the common issues in your device to increase the efficiency of the software.
  • The Norton PC tune-Up will look for all the unnecessary files and data in your device that is taking unwanted space. The Software will track down the temporary files, Cookies, and other irrelevant data on your device which can be hard to find. You can remove all these files with just a one-click.
  • It will manage your hard drive and Ram Space in the most efficient way to speed up the performance of your device. With this, You can now browse and protect your device more efficiently.Norton Security

So this is all you need to know about the Norton Pc TuneUp Software. If you want to enjoy superior performance with ultimate security against any kind of virus and malware then get yourself an original copy of Norton 360 Protection. You can purchase the software online at a discounted price with quick rewards or Coupons. There are various websites available where you can get the best deals.

Norton 360 Protection Software is equipped with advanced-level security features like a two-way silent firewall, Intrusion Detection, Spyware detection, etc. to keep your device secure and safe from spammers and hackers. So, If you are looking for the best Security Software for your device then you can get the Norton 360 protection. You can also contact the Technical Assistance team at Norton Security If you have any queries related to the software. they will surely help you with an optimized solution to resolve your issue.

Mechanism and Features of Norton 360 Protection

Norton Security Software offers to keep your device secure from malware and viruses. The Norton Security 360 protection software is equipped with advanced-level security features that are mentioned below. You can learn how Norton 360 protection defends the intrusion and malware attacks on your device.Norton 360 Security

Features of Norton 360 Protection

Below listed are some of the prime features of the Norton Security Software that helps to secure the personal information of the user.Norton Security

Virus Detection and Removal

During the time, when Melissa virus was exposed and merely 28 users of Symantec has reported about the virus, the development team at Symantec Security Response team had developed a full-fledged software to diagnose this virus completely from the device.  There are various ways through which the Norton Security 360 tool can protect your device from viruses. The Norton Insight looks for all the incoming files while the Sonar Behavioral protection keeps on checking for any suspicious behavior of a file to detect new malware. it keeps on checking the downloads, incoming messages, E-mails, etc. to detect and remove viruses from the file. real-time scanning of your device will help to detect and remove the viruses from the device.

Spyware Detection and Removal

This type of malware is more dangerous to your device as it not only harm the data or files on your device. It can also steal your personal information like login credentials of your bank account, credit card numbers, or Social Security Numbers. Spyware is mostly used by hackers and spammers to steal the personal information of the user. However, Norton security is able to tackle this malware using the Norton Safe Web.

The Norton Safe Web will detect these kinds of websites and it will warn the users about these fake or Unsafe websites the software will keep your way from any kind of spamming links that can steal your personal data. It also has a Social Media Scanner that looks for spamming links in the published posts.

Two-Way Firewall

The Norton Security Software has a Two-way Firewall System that monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic. A firewall is very crucial to keep your device secure from malware and viruses. As these malware attacks are not limited to entering your device from an outside network connection. Sometimes even a hacker can use a remote computer with malware like Rootkits to send mails or another form of viruses.

Hence, with the Norton 360 Two-way Firewall, these attacks can be detected and removed easily. It makes sure to keep your device secure from Malware and viruses by running a complete scan of data going from your device and data coming to your device. Norton Security 360 make sure to provide a secure environment to the users.

Intrusion Detection

Along with the two-way Silent Firewall, the Norton 360 Security Software also has intrusion protection to protect your data from stealing. It will regularly monitor the incoming traffic from the internet to detect any kind of suspicious activity.

These attacks are mostly created to steal the personal information of the users. In this, the intruder will try to put malware into your device via email or malicious file to steal the data from your device. However, the Norton 360 Security Software can secure your device from these kinds of threats. the Software includes an Intrusion detection system that detects these kinds of malware attacks and doesn’t all the files or programs to enter into your device.

Checking Vulnerabilities

There are various possible ways through which a hacker or spammer can attack or harm your device. these ways are referred to as Vulnerabilities of your device and it can be found in your Operating System, Weak Passwords, Messaging or browser application, Etc. However, Norton 360 Security Ensures you to guard your device against these possible vulnerabilities. The Vulnerabilities assessment feature of the Norton Security Software will warn the user about any possible weak points in the device that can be used by the hackers. It will also suggest to them the best possible ways to resolve these vulnerabilities. Norton Security

The Software might ask you to update your operating system to the latest release and can also inform about a malicious link in an email.

So these are some of the best features of Norton Security 360 that makes it one of the prominent security software for your device. In Case, You are trying to Uninstall a damaged Norton product from your device and getting an error then use the Norton Removal Tool To completely remove the software from your device.

How to Use Norton Removal Tool On Windows and Mac

If you are trying to Uninstall A damaged or Corrupted Norton Product from your device manually from the Control panel Window and getting an error then you can use the Norton Removal and Re-installation tool to completely remove all the norton Product from your device. These kinds of issues generally occur when the Norton Product in your device is damaged because of incomplete installation or because of a Virus. this issue will not allow completing the uninstallation process. In that case, you can use this Norton Removal And Re-installation tool to remove the Norton Security Software from your device.Norton Removal Tool

In this article, we will help you to understand the usage of the Norton Removal And re-installation tool and how you can use it to remove the Norton Product from Windows and Mac Operating System. In Order to keep your system secure from any kind of malware or viruses, Make sure to re-install the Norton Security 360 Immediately after the removal process.

Usage Of Norton Removal Tool

The Norton Removal Tool Is specifically designed to alter and remove the Failed Norton Installation files that are causing the error. the software will not affect any of the other programs on your device. Once the Norton software is completely removed from your device, You can run the installation process of the security software again. You need to download and install the Norton Internet Security Software on your device and then activate it. Norton Removal And Re-installation tool

Steps to Download and Install Norton Removal Tool On Windows

  •  Open a browser and Go to Norton’s Official Website.
  • Now open the Norton Removal Tool Download page and then click on the Download Now link.
  • Select the location where you want to save the file and then click on Ok.
  • Go to the folder where the file is downloaded and double-click on it to run the installation process.
  • Click on Next and then follow the instructions as prompted on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • After the successful installation of the tool, Go to the desktop screen and double-click on the Norton Removal Tool icon to open it.
  • Now complete the instructions as prompted and then restart your device to complete the removal process.Norton Tool

While performing the removal Process. the software might ask you to restart your device multiple times. Make sure to create a backup of the database if you are using ACT Or WinFax Softwares.

Steps To Use Norton Removal Tool On Mac

  • Close all the running programs on your Mac Device and open the application folder.
  • Now go to the Norton Solutions folder and then double-click on Norton Uninstaller to open it.
  • Now from the list of the Norton Products, Select the Norton Security Application that you want to remove from your Mac Device.
  • Now from the opened window, click on Uninstall Button and then enter the login Credential Of your account to confirm the deletion of the software.
  • Close the application folder and other windows and then restart your device.

So these are some of the best ways to remove the Norton Software from your device. After successfully removing the failed Norton Security Software from your device, Make sure to install the security software again to keep your device secure from viruses and malware. You can follow the steps mentioned below to install the Norton Security 360 on your device.

  • Open the official website of Norton and log in to your Norton Account.
  • Now go to the product details window and then choose the Norton 360 product from the list and click on the Download button.
  •  Now from the Download Manager Window, Click on Start Download and then choose the location where you want to save the file.
  • Now, Open the folder where the file is stored and then double-click on the fill to start the installation process.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation process.

You can manage all the devices from Norton Account.

So this way You can remove and reinstall the Norton Security product from your device using the Norton Removal And Re-installation tool. However, If you have encountered an error while removing or installing the software on your device, you can contact the technical Assistance team at Norton Security to resolve the issue. They are available 24×7 to help you with any kind of issue with the Norton Software.

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