Review: Flappy Bird SuperStar

Flappy Bird is on the verge of exceeding the popularity of Minecraft in that it is played by millions of teenagers. It is a huge success that continues to live on despite the fact that the developer pulled it from both iTunes and Google Play.


Some time in 2013, Vietnamese Indie game developer, Dong Nguyen (available on Twitter here), located in Hanoi, Vietnam released Flappy Bird – a simple game that he developed in a short time. He also developed and released some other games. The rumor has it that he purchased pay-for-review service where some companies published some positive reviews […]

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Dumb Ways to Die – iOS video game review

Some iOS video games really are stupid. Yet they can bring millions of dollars a month of profit. Maybe being stupid is the very reason why some games are popular?

Here I am reviewing Dumb Ways to Die, available not only for iPad and iPhone, but also for Android. This is a very entertaining video game that is very popular nowadays on app store and has tens of thousands of 5 star reviews.

This game has primitive graphics and even its icon is primitive.

So what is this game about? It’s about steering your character away from being killed in various situations […]

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ZeroBlock for iPhone – bitcoin app review

Bitcoin has many extremely passionate fans and this free app is a very useful tool that contains information and utilities and news related to bitcoin and can be useful helper for bitcoin fans and observers.

Note: while Apple disallow bitcoin wallets (i.e. apps with which you can buy and sell goods with bitcoin), information or utility apps are not off limits. It is a common misconception of bitcoin-ignorant journalists and podcasters to say that Apple forbids bitcoin apps as it refers to bitcoin wallet apps only.

The start screen of the ZeroBlock app shows an overview of various info. If you […]

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WWP UA Igniter Sunglasses

For a change of pace, we’re looking at a pair of sunglasses. I really enjoyed the opportunity for two reasons. Up until recently, Under Armour was the sponsor of the Senior Bowl, the post-season college football all-star game played in Mobile, Alabama which showcases the best NFL Draft prospects of those collegiate players who have completed their eligibility. Being from Mobile, this gives Under Armour a special place in my heart.

This is an Official Wounded Warrior Project Licensed product. Between August 2012 and December 2014, Under Armour will make a donation of over $1 Million to Wounded Warrior Project™ benefiting injured […]

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VPN Unlimited – iOS App Review

I must admit, I’d never really thought about using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for myself. I always thought about them as being something used only so that you could connect with your corporate servers while you were off premises. I’ve been schooled.

A good VPN is important when using public WiFi. It protects you and your data. There is a great article by Alan Henry from 2012 on Lifehacker, which provides all the technical details of what a VPN is, who should use one (everybody), and why.  Mr. Henry also goes into some detail as to how to choose […]

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Review: ChimeO’Clock app for iPhone and iPad

We, humans, are also animals and we were designed (by evolution most likely) to climb trees and run around, not to sit in front of computer screens 8 hours a day. Actually sitting position is very unhealthy and the optimal workplace is a desk on top of treadmill – where you run or walk while working on computer – but unfortunately not all employers are eager to pay for such monstrosity.

Furthermore our eyes were designed to find prey in jungle or to find predators to escape from, not to read tiny texts on displays. Particularly nowadays when “higher than […]

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Review: Edge of the World game for Android, iPhone, iPad

Unlike most other games this game has cross-platform multiplayer mode so people who have Android can play with people who have iPhone or iPad. Here I am reviewing Edge of the World on iOS and in single-player mode where your adversary is a computer (i.e. your iOS device).

A few hundred years ago people thought that by traveling across the seas one can find the “edge of the world” and sea ships would fall off the edge into space. This game explores this “edge of the world” myth.

Basically this game is just a slingshot game with fancy ships and sea […]

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iSkin Exo Case Review for iPhone 5/5S/5C

iSkin recently reached out to me and asked if I’d care to try out a few of their new cases for the iPhone 5C. While I don’t have a shiny new iPhone 5C, I do have a new iPhone 5S. But have no fear, faithful reader! I found a way for us to see how a case especially designed for an iPhone 5C would look.



The photo on the left is the iSkin Exo on my iPhone 5S. A friend looked at it and commented that it looked a little dirty. I believe that’s the result of the […]

Sold on Sold – App Review

I wish I could remember where I originally read about the app “Sold,” so I could credit the referral. Unfortunately, memory is a fickle thing, so I’m going to have to take full credit for this find.

I always keep the last generation iPhone so I have a test device, and don’t have to worry about installing betas on my daily driver. So after upgrading to the iPhone 5s, I was ready to sell my 4s (and keep the 5 for my test device). I keep seeing adverts for Gazelle, and it seemed a lot of people in various forums […]

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Pre review of Dell Venue Pro 8

Here are I am pre-reviewing Dell Venue Pro 8 that I will definitely buy once it becomes aviailable in November.

Why not iPad?

Of course I have iPads, and I plan to buy the next iPad generations and use them as primary tablet – due to many apps (some iPad apps are not available even for iPhone) – but I need a secondary tablet for things like streaming audio (e.g. Sirius XM radio) and video (e.g. South Park) via Adobe Flash websites, and for running obscure programs that run in full functionality on Windows XP/7 -only.

Of course, some people can’t afford […]

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