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So there I was in the C-Spire store looking at Android phones. <yawn> Then I remembered that they now carried the iPhone, so I sauntered over to see what accessories they had. I looked at a display of brightly colored cases, and assumed at first they were Otterbox cases. But the colors were…different. I moved closer and saw that they were Trident cases. Bright blue, red, pink, and more – and they were bright and attractive. I’d never seen cases quite like them before, and never heard of the brand.
I took a pink one from […]

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Back to Nature

Episode 86
August 16, 2011
Google buys Motorola…blah blah blah.

Buy any cool accessories lately?
WD 1TB drive that fits in my 2nd Kinies purse/gadget bag
Just ordered the first interesting case in a while: The Little Black Book. It looked great before, but the lack of camera opening was a deal breaker. They’ve updated, so I ordered. I don’t “get” their case for MacBook Air. (BodyGuardz with Ciderz and carbon fibre)

Gratuitous plug for
The greatest converter out there


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Mac OS X 10.7.1 update: Apple Insider –
The update is available through Software Update and is a 17.4MB download. […]

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Ambulance Chaser Free

Episode 85
August 10, 2011
iOS 5 beta update – (this version) of iTunes SUCKS. :)

Reminder – location based

Apple wins preliminary round against Samsung and is now going after Motorola
Is it me, or does it make no sense that Apple wants to purchase iPad screens from Samsung in the midst of this drama?
If Apple clears any competition that in any shape resembles its products (black or white “slabs”), are they on the way to being a monopoly?

And speaking of monopolies….

Google vs. Microsoft and Apple – monopoly?

The death of WebOS or brilliant marketing move? HP puts the TouchPad on sale after only […]

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Pre vs. Evo

Episode 44
June 20, 2010
Special guests: Craig Froehle and Don Ferguson – 2 guys, 2 phones, 2 decisions

Great conversation talking about all the things Palm did right and wrong with WebOS and why they still wanted to convert to Android.

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