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Dumb Ways to Die – iOS video game review

Some iOS video games really are stupid. Yet they can bring millions of dollars a month of profit. Maybe being stupid is the very reason why some games are popular?

Here I am reviewing Dumb Ways to Die, available not only for iPad and iPhone, but also for Android. This is a very entertaining video game that is very popular nowadays on app store and has tens of thousands of 5 star reviews.

This game has primitive graphics and even its icon is primitive.

So what is this game about? It’s about steering your character away from being killed in various situations […]

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Bitcoin wallet for iPhone – Coinbase – review

Here I am reviewing an iPhone app that is not just another info-app about bitcoin with charts and prices and news, but that is a real bitcoin wallet. However, I am not giving you download link for this app. Why? Well, Apple operates in mysterious ways and Apple has pulled this app from the App Store for some unclear reasons.

No speculations from me why Apple does not allow bitcoin wallets but allows only informational bitcoin apps. I review it in hope that some day Apple will change its policy.In the meanwhile, this is for people who use bitcoin wallets […]

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VPN Unlimited – iOS App Review

I must admit, I’d never really thought about using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for myself. I always thought about them as being something used only so that you could connect with your corporate servers while you were off premises. I’ve been schooled.

A good VPN is important when using public WiFi. It protects you and your data. There is a great article by Alan Henry from 2012 on Lifehacker, which provides all the technical details of what a VPN is, who should use one (everybody), and why.  Mr. Henry also goes into some detail as to how to choose […]

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Review: Edge of the World game for Android, iPhone, iPad

Unlike most other games this game has cross-platform multiplayer mode so people who have Android can play with people who have iPhone or iPad. Here I am reviewing Edge of the World on iOS and in single-player mode where your adversary is a computer (i.e. your iOS device).

A few hundred years ago people thought that by traveling across the seas one can find the “edge of the world” and sea ships would fall off the edge into space. This game explores this “edge of the world” myth.

Basically this game is just a slingshot game with fancy ships and sea […]

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868-HACK review

O God! A game for iPhone and iPad that costs $5.99? How can it be? In the era of free-to-play games and that are cheap and rip you off through in-app purchase, here is a guy offering a game not for free, not for $0.99, but for 6 dollars!

The guy who made this game decided “no more race to the bottom, I am setting price high and I am delivering value here.” And people love it! Many 5-star reviews on app store!

At first look this game looks unoriginal – something like Pac-Man.

This screenshot shows, however, that 868-HACK is more […]

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Watch Me Change – iPhone App Review


In June of 2012 I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer. Chemo took all my hair very quickly. Fast forward to January 2013 when I suddenly began to feel stubble on my head. I wanted to document the change, so I bought Watch Me Change for my iPhone. It was $1.99 for the full version, as opposed to free for the, uh, free version. I figured if this was going to work, I may as well put out the $1.99 and make sure it was done right. I honestly don’t know what I would have gotten with […]

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Review: Candy Crush Saga for iPad and iPhone

WARNING: this game, albeit free-to-download, is designed to coerce you into in-app purchases after a few levels, so try at your own risk!

Shortly after Don Mattrick’s announcement of XboxOne, he announced that he is moving to Zynga to become Zynga’s new CEO. Zynga was a big success in social gaming starting with the well-known game, FarmVille. However, Zynga has recently had some problems – several division closed, many people fired, and revenues dropping.

While Zynga now employs 2400 employees, King company (that amazingly owns the domain King.com) has only 400 employees but has recently mae big hit with Candy Crush Saga. […]

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Convertcast – episode 126

Episode 126
Sunday July 8, 2012


Will you have internet tomorrow? this site
WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) goes live June 28th, but how many phones are actually WEA compliant?
Amazon working on its own smartphone, powered by Android like Kindle Fire
After Nokia and RIM, also HTC sinks like Titanic


- only Samsung and Apple thrive
EyeSight – Touch free user interface for Windows 8 http://www.eyesight-tech.com/
3 billion apps downloaded – RIM’s App World
End of the line for Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client
movie pick : Steve Jobs – The Lost interview – is now on iTunes USA, rental only (old one: from 1 year before Apple bought […]

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Any.Do Multi-Platform Task Manager App Review

I’ve always respected multi-platform apps, so when I heard about Any.Do I had to take a look.

Any.DO is available for iOS, Android, and Chrome. So whatever your configuration, you’re sure to be able to use it. One of the best features – it’s absolutely free.

Any.DO shows you at a glance, what tasks you have, and organizes them simply. You can see what you have today, tomorrow, or coming up in the future. You can create folders for your tasks and organize them by type. Personally, I don’t need to arrange them by type – if it’s something I’ve got […]

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Tour the Finger Lakes – iOS App

San Francisco, California – May 29, 2012 – CulinartMedia’s new travel app provides customized tours of the beautiful Finger Lakes region in New York State. Tour the Finger Lakes features local author and leading expert on the region’s food and wine scene, Michael Turback. Using the latest mobile technology, CulinartMedia has developed an app with three simple criteria that users select from to create their own unique guided tour of local wineries, restaurants and other scenic and historic points of interest.


No more wading through multiple, all-inclusive tour guides to plan a trip. With over 24 tours, 150 site descriptions […]

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