Convertcast episode 120

Episode 120
May 27, 2012

Joel joins us (Alli is in a camp)
Microsoft to sell 80″ Windows 8 computers…just how big is too big???
Bloomberg says FB is the biggest IPO flop of the decade


No rumors!
Facebook Camera for iOS released, works like instagram but enables upload of high-res photos to Facebook

Google and Android

Galaxy S3 on sale in some countries already, first reviews are in and camera is apparently superb
Diana gets a Galaxy Nexus
RUU (ROM Update Utility) with ICS leaked for Evo 3D.  Safer than flashing an img file, but still not the official release
Sprint sends a free case to some Evo LTE […]

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App Review *GoDocs* for iOS

Still looking for a good way to access your Google Docs on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t want to keep up the endless sync loop? We’ve discussed several times on the Convertcast, how you can use Evernote to edit your Gdoc just like you would on the desktop, with real time updates. But that requires that you start on your desktop, copy the link…you know the rest. It’s great if you only want to quickly edit that one document.

I recently came across GoDocs, and for $4.99 in iTunes, it’s a much slicker option. Before I go any further, I […]

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Convertcast – episode 119

A Pig in a Poke Helmet
Sunday May 20, 2012

Special guest: David Artuso from CellHelmet


Edward: Facebook’s entry to stock market not so good as expected: $38, then $42 and then the day ended at $38 but it will reach over $100 so worth buying now
Edward: LTE starts big time in Eurotrashland , now also for smartphones not only USB sticks and routers The Japanese phone condom (?!)


No rumors!

Google and Android

Edward: already 8 million pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy SIII / S3
Edward: Siri-clone of Samsung stolen and available for all Android 4 phones


Edward: Windows 8 UI will be more primitive, no transparent […]

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Convertcast – episode 118

Episode 118
Sunday May 13, 2012
Apologies for this week’s sound – it just wasn’t cooperating!



CTIA – awesome! No Windows phones (Edward: but yes! focus 2 from samsung was there! no window 8 tablets?) Samsung was not represented at the show, only Pepcom
Facebook refocuses on mobile but : how to upload higher resolution photos to facebook??? but still no iPad version
2 new great SF movies WITH COOL GADGETS coming end of May: Men in Black 3 (big cellphone from sixties not healthy? ) and Prometheus (with indoor GPS system via laser-scanning)


ios6 coming for sure now – spotted in new icloud notifications […]

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Convertcast – episode 117 – Lame

Episode 117
Sunday May 6, 2012


The Kindle Fire is no longer on fire…sales share drops to 4%
Draw Something loses 5M daily users (15M down to 10M) in 30 days.  Are people getting bored with it or is it Zynga?
eye controlled user interface coming, among others in windows 8, google glasess, etc, Eurotrash company from Sweden works on it: – not science fiction!
How many times does your cell phone ring before it goes to voicemail? Why do the carriers now allow consumers to control this?
iDrive – 5 GB free for starters, $4.99/month. Actual automatic backup.


Edward: apple is manufacturing iPad […]

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Cloud 9 – Convertcast episode 116

Episode 116
Sunday April 29, 2012


SLR lens attachment for iPad
what is your preferred cloud service? (edward dumped dropbox and uses skydrive and amazon cloud drive)


500 jobs more at Apple Ireland in Cork, Ireland:

so total there 3300, but rather sales &  support jobs not R&D, funny: French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch etc support jobs also located there as shows.
Apple has second thoughts about division in Austin, Texas?
can you recommend me (Edward) an app for iOS to draw/hand-write on top of PDF files?
edward was pondering to buy ipad 3 but 3 weeks waiting time prevents impulse buy, is Diana happy with […]

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The Latest Greatest Android is always around the corner

Episode 114
Sunday April 15, 2012


Instagram bought by Facebook for $1 billion
B-berry to release a device that will run Android apps? Isn’t this old news –
Runtime for PlayBook?
Kindle Touch 5.1.0 update adds international language support, landscape mode, and more
Edward installed it, landscape is great but still no multiple level of zooming of images in ebooks.
National database to catch smartphone thieves – the big 4 are all in
Edward yesterday was in Amsterdam and scored unique Amsterdam badge “mokum”. Foursquare is fun when traveling innit?


Apple allowed to defend developers in patent against Lodsys:

“Paper” 1.5 million downloads – hype?
Two Mac […]

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Easter Chicks

Episode 113
Sunday April 8, 2012


thanks for the amazing info graphic, Mashable. DrawSomething!
UK 800 numbers free to call from mobile phones
iPhone users twice as likely to use WiFi as Android users
Save Money. Study Faster. Ace the Class. | Boundless Can university professors survive without selling their own textbooks? Are textbooks necessary at all?


AT&T to start officially unlocking iPhones that are off contract


Lumia  900 reviewed everywhere. Still looks meh.
Windows Phone apps pass 80,000 titles –


YouTube (now part of Google’s domain) and 3D. Discuss.
Google tablet. While it could obviously end fragmentation – will it? Did the […]

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Are we Apped Out?

Episode 112
Sunday April 1, 2012

World Backup Day 3/31 – Did you do a backup? introduces Box OneCloud “Box OneCloud brings together all your mobile content into the secure Box cloud. Experience productivity from anywhere and accelerate your business with a collection of mobile apps that integrate with Box to simplify and extend your workflow, while keeping content centralized on Box.”
LG making a new flexible e-ink display that should be available in Europe soon, and in the US shortly after

Apple Software that can extract your iOS devices information and even keystrokes. While not something anyone can buy, if […]

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Angry Birds Killed Kenny

Episode 111
Sunday March 25, 2012

Also on NBC Nightly News –
Various news sources this week stating that teenagers send an average of 60 text messages/day – girls tend to send way more
In-App Ads Drain Up To 75% Of Your Phone’s Battery – iPhone and Android phones!
South Carolina Teacher Suspended For Reading ‘Ender’s Game’ To Middle School Students –
Some time back we spoke about PayPal’s secure login. Say Goodbye to User Name and Password Logins, and Hello to ‘OneID’
In a Major Restructuring, Hewlett-Packard to Combine Printer and PC Groups
Potential employers requesting Facebook login info and Facebook […]

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