Tech21 Impact Band for iPhone 5 – Review

This weekend I happened to catch an episode of some Discovery Channel, or maybe it was a Science Channel program showcasing D3O being used in impact resistant vests for stuntmen. The segment began by showing the orange goop, and I recalled enjoying seeing it up close last spring at CTIA. It was quite the coincidence that the following day, I received a package in the mail from Tech21, with some of their latest goodies. I was anxious to see if the Impact Band for iPhone 5 could make me as happy as the Impact Mesh for iPhone 4/4S.

Before I […]

The Latest Greatest Android is always around the corner

Episode 114
Sunday April 15, 2012


Instagram bought by Facebook for $1 billion
B-berry to release a device that will run Android apps? Isn’t this old news –
Runtime for PlayBook?
Kindle Touch 5.1.0 update adds international language support, landscape mode, and more
Edward installed it, landscape is great but still no multiple level of zooming of images in ebooks.
National database to catch smartphone thieves – the big 4 are all in
Edward yesterday was in Amsterdam and scored unique Amsterdam badge “mokum”. Foursquare is fun when traveling innit?


Apple allowed to defend developers in patent against Lodsys:

“Paper” 1.5 million downloads – hype?
Two Mac […]

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The Thick and Thin of it

Episode 72
March 3, 2011
The Apple non-event?  It was an event, Steve presented. Evolutionary (and expected) updates to iPad.

iPad 2 specs

iOS 4.3
Only available for GSM iPhones and no 3G support
Wifi Tethering (iPhone 4 Only) – ATT will support, but ONLY if you have the 2GB plan plus tethering option.
Home Sharing
In app Airplay
Faster Safari – runs Javascript 2x faster

The Case!  The Case!  iPad 2′s new Smart Cover (39.00 for Polyurthane, 69.00 leather)

New HDMI out cable 39.00 bucks.

What happened to …and one more thing?

Mobile Me/Social Networking – Probably mid-year and iPhone 5

Speaking of Mobile Me – Jerry’s dupe contact problem solved, and […]

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