Benefits and Usage of Norton ToolBar

Norton Security Software comes with various in-built tools that help the user to keep their system secure with ease. The Norton toolbar is one such feature of Norton 360 Protection Software that manages multiple tasks of the user.  Once you will install the Norton toolbar on your device, then it will manage multiple tasks like Storing passwords, Credit Card Information, Personal Information, etc. It will make sure to save and record all the useful information entered by the user and keep it in an encrypted format to store it. Norton Security Toolbar

The Norton toolbar is useful in various forms. It will warn the user about fraudulent websites and also blocks websites that might trick users to steal personal information. With the stored information on the Norton toolbar, the User will be able to fill out the form with just one click.

How to Setup Norton Tool Bar?Norton Toolbar

In order to use the Norton toolBar, You need to first download and install it on your device. Once the Toolbar is installed successfully on your device, Now you are required to create a profile to store the information. while creating the profile, the user will be required to enter the credit card information, data, passwords, or other personal information that is being used generally online. You can change this information whenever you want by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on “Norton Menu” on the toolbar.
  • Now from the list of menu, click on Settings.
  • Make the required changes in your personal information and then click on save.
  • close the window to complete the process.

The data Stored in the Norton Toolbar is completely secured and encrypted. You don’t need to worry about data being stolen as it is kept in a secured vault.

Features and Benefits of Norton Tool Bar

After learning about all the benefits and features of the Norton ToolBar, you will be able to make a quick decision about using this feature of Norton 360 Protection Software. Norton 360 Protection

Safe Browsing

While browsing online, the Norton toolbar will inform the user about the status of the website with greed, Yellow and red Mark. these are referred to as safety state icons where the green mark represents safe, Yellow represents may be safe or Maybe not, and red Represents the Unsafe Website. these icons will warn the user about a fake website even on the search result to prevent opening it.

Store Login Credentials

The Norton Toolbar will automatically save the Login Information whenever the user visits a new website and try logging in. After that, the user can make use of the Auto-login feature to directly login to the website. the Norton toolbar will auto-fill the password when required. you will be needed to enter the master password once to store and auto-fill the password.

Fill Forms

After successfully creating your profile in the Norton Toolbar, Now you can fill out forms with just one click. the Norton toolBar will auto-fill all the required information on the website based on your identity cards. you will be required to create these cards for once by filling in the required information according to the website. However, Users can choose to fill the form manually or by auto-fill.

Store Information

Apart from the sections mentioned in the profile page, If you are required to store other information as well then you can make use of the Notes on Norton Tool Bar. Click on the menu icon and click on the Manage notes option. Here you can store the other important details like Passport information, Social Security Numbers, etc.

With these benefits and advantages of the Norton toolbar, users can enjoy a Secure and Safe browsing experience online. The Norton toolbar will make it quite easier for the user to fill out forms and other personal information easily with just one-click. Just Like this, there are also some other tools of Norton 360 Security that can be very useful to you. One Such tool is Norton PC Tune-Up. This tool is capable of Tune-up your PC to increase the efficiency of your device. It will remove the unnecessary files and optimize the process on your device to enhance the PC Performance.

However, If are looking for some technical assistance for any kind of issue with the Norton Software then you can contact the technical assistance team at Norton Security.