Review: Edge of the World game for Android, iPhone, iPad

Unlike most other games this game has cross-platform multiplayer mode so people who have Android can play with people who have iPhone or iPad. Here I am reviewing Edge of the World on iOS and in single-player mode where your adversary is a computer (i.e. your iOS device).

A few hundred years ago people thought that by traveling across the seas one can find the “edge of the world” and sea ships would fall off the edge into space. This game explores this “edge of the world” myth.

Basically this game is just a slingshot game with fancy ships and sea […]

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Collins Messenger Bag Review

Brenthaven has an amazing collection of quality products. I’ve already shown you the Exo iPhone 5 case and the BX2 sleeve. Now I’d like to share their beautiful Collins Messenger Bag.

The Collins Messenger bag features:

High Density Foam protection system
Padded tablet and laptop pockets
Durable PU trim materials
Leather touchpoints
Indigo Chambray exterior with pinstripe liner
Comfortable shoulder strap
Magnetic and velcro flap closure
Front storage pouch with accessory panel

100% Lifetime Guarantee

This bag is stylish on the outside and inside. The Indigo Chambray exterior is beautiful, but tough and durable. The left side has a velcro closure, while the right side has a wrap around magnetic […]

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iSkin Flex for iPhone 5C Case Review

iSkin has been going to town on new cases for the iPhone 5C. The Flex case, offering moderate impact protection, is available in four patterns: clear, hearts, black diamonds, and carbon fibre.



What you’re viewing in the image above is the Flex case with hearts. The image at the right catches the pattern alone. It’s really quite nice, as the hearts shift and change depending on how the light hits them.

As with my recent review of iSkin’s Exo case, I have used construction paper to simulate the iPhone 5C.
To achieve its unique look, the flex combines proven shock-absorbing […]

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iSkin Exo Case Review for iPhone 5/5S/5C

iSkin recently reached out to me and asked if I’d care to try out a few of their new cases for the iPhone 5C. While I don’t have a shiny new iPhone 5C, I do have a new iPhone 5S. But have no fear, faithful reader! I found a way for us to see how a case especially designed for an iPhone 5C would look.



The photo on the left is the iSkin Exo on my iPhone 5S. A friend looked at it and commented that it looked a little dirty. I believe that’s the result of the […]

868-HACK review

O God! A game for iPhone and iPad that costs $5.99? How can it be? In the era of free-to-play games and that are cheap and rip you off through in-app purchase, here is a guy offering a game not for free, not for $0.99, but for 6 dollars!

The guy who made this game decided “no more race to the bottom, I am setting price high and I am delivering value here.” And people love it! Many 5-star reviews on app store!

At first look this game looks unoriginal – something like Pac-Man.

This screenshot shows, however, that 868-HACK is more […]

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Brenthaven BX2 Sleeve for 13″ MacBook – Review

When I first received the BX2 Sleeve from Brenthaven for review, I was skeptical. First of all, it was insanely thin. I honestly didn’t believe there was any way my 13″ MacBook Pro would fit in it. That was my first mistake.


My second mistake was when I looked at the handle and said out loud to the empty room “well that’s stupid.”

After watching Brenthaven’s video above, I changed my tune to “well I’m stupid.” It’s really nice to be able to grab the sleeve with one hand and not worry about dropping it. You can pile other things on […]

Sold on Sold – App Review

I wish I could remember where I originally read about the app “Sold,” so I could credit the referral. Unfortunately, memory is a fickle thing, so I’m going to have to take full credit for this find.

I always keep the last generation iPhone so I have a test device, and don’t have to worry about installing betas on my daily driver. So after upgrading to the iPhone 5s, I was ready to sell my 4s (and keep the 5 for my test device). I keep seeing adverts for Gazelle, and it seemed a lot of people in various forums […]

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Pre review of Dell Venue Pro 8

Here are I am pre-reviewing Dell Venue Pro 8 that I will definitely buy once it becomes aviailable in November.

Why not iPad?

Of course I have iPads, and I plan to buy the next iPad generations and use them as primary tablet – due to many apps (some iPad apps are not available even for iPhone) – but I need a secondary tablet for things like streaming audio (e.g. Sirius XM radio) and video (e.g. South Park) via Adobe Flash websites, and for running obscure programs that run in full functionality on Windows XP/7 -only.

Of course, some people can’t afford […]

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NuGuard KX Case Review for iPhone 5s

They had me at the infographic. And I normally don’t care for infographics. Numbers 9 and 5 were my favorites. I figured with this kind of humor, I had to try the case they were recommending.

I was send a NuGuard KX in red to review. When friends saw it the other night, they commented on it being quite low profile. And it is. It’s not shiny or blingy, but very subtle. It’s a semi-rigid case, which I like a lot. That means it’s very easy to get on and off. Unless you want to use your Olloclip, I can […]

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iPhone game review: Captain Bubblenaut

This game caught my attention once official Apple’s @AppStore twitter account tweeted it with info that it’s “innovative.”

So I thought to myself: what is innovative about this game?

This game is a scroller where you, Captain Bubblenaut , invade planet ERF and derstroy Erflings.

You drag ground left and right and in this way you  control how your character rolls.

The most effective way is to roll in such a way that you can swoop maximal number of Erflings.

They key is to swipe Erflings from the side, not from top.

You should avoid taking damage.

Backgrounds of the game include Paris lookalike.

… and some […]

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