Thinking Putty doesn’t actually think. But you’ll think much better when it’s in your hands. Remember playing with Silly Putty┬« when you were a kid? Well you can now relive that feeling as an adult – or just a kid at heart.

While Silly Putty was rather…monochromatic…Thinking Putty is far more visually exciting. And you get about twice as much Thinking Putty in a tin as you get Silly Putty in an egg. So what’s the visual deal with Thinking Putty? It comes in a wide array of bright beautiful colors, and depending on your choice, the colors change with the heat of your hand.

I got a tin of “Mistletoe Madness,” one of the new Christmas collection choices. Mistletoe Madness starts out the same color as pink roses. But as you handle it and it warms to your touch, it changes to leaf green!

I broke off a small piece and warmed it to green and lay it on top of the rest. You can see the contrast in the photo below.

It didn’t take long before the green began to leak out and return to its “natural” pink state.

Within about 15 minutes, there was no green left at all.

Just handling a small amount of Thinking Putty is relaxing. Stretch it, twist it, wind it…it just feels good to play with. You can roll it into a ball and bounce it. If you pull it apart slowly, it stretches. If you pull it quickly, it breaks. And Thinking Putty does that super cool thing we all used to love doing with Silly Putty – press it to your favorite newspaper comic strip, and peel it up. How can you not love this stuff?!

Great holiday gift for friends, relatives, or the most important person in your life – yourself! Available from Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld online, and over 1,000 retailers nationwide. Thinking Putty is yours for $10-$15.