Billed on Kickstarter as “the world’s smallest articulating iPhone stand,” the Tiltpod was funded for 637% of their $10,000 goal.

When I opened the box containing the packaged Tiltpod, my first thought was “it’s so tiny!” It’s small enough to carry on your keyring, and even comes with a ring so that you can carry it with you.

I feel compelled to point out before going further, that although the Tiltpod is made for the iPhone 4/4s, it fits the Droid X2 perfectly – so much so that after taking photos of the Droid in it, I was informed that I was not getting the Tiltpod back.

     What you get in the box: one keyring, one magnetic pivot, and one base. Both the pivot and keyring attach to the base. The bottom of the base is green. Very green. It’s also rubbery and grippy, and won’t slide when you put it down, so your phone is safe in it.

The magnetic pivot snaps to the base – it’s a very strong magnet. You can pivot it around or side to side. It’s a very stable little stand, and perfect for those times you might want a tripod for taking photos, or a stand for a Skype conference.

In the photo above, you can see how well it works for hands-free FaceTime. Because the Tiltpod has such a small footprint, you can place it almost anywhere.


Above, you can see that the Droid X2 fits in the Tiltpod just as well as the iPhone. Both devices need to be caseless to fit in the Tiltpod.

The Tiltpod has been around for a while for cameras and you can check them out on Facebook. Purchase your own Tiltpod for $14.95.