Still looking for a good way to access your Google Docs on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t want to keep up the endless sync loop? We’ve discussed several times on the Convertcast, how you can use Evernote to edit your Gdoc just like you would on the desktop, with real time updates. But that requires that you start on your desktop, copy the link…you know the rest. It’s great if you only want to quickly edit that one document.

I recently came across GoDocs, and for $4.99 in iTunes, it’s a much slicker option. Before I go any further, I must tell you my favorite feature – GoDocs will let you access all your Google accounts. And switching back and forth between them is a snap.

GoDocs works in portrait or landscape, and looks great on the iPad. It is a universal binary, so if you’re still plugging away on the small screen, you’re covered.

As you can see in this screenshot to the left, your Gdocs show up in the left most panel Tapping the a-z gives you a dropdown menu where you can sort by Name, Type, Status, Starred, Modified, or Created. Depending on my needs, I frequently sort my docs in different ways, so having this feature is a definite plus. You also have the familiar Search bar, so that you can go straight to whatever you’re looking for.

Tapping the “go to” icon in the upper right takes you to a menu that provides you information about the document (status, date/time it was last edited), allows you to star the document, and then several options. You can Open in Other App, Edit Online, Mail, Rename, Delete, and more.

I don’t know why you would choose to open a Gdoc in another app when you can edit it online just as you would if you were using Google Docs from your computer. And editing online in GoDocs is very similar to the desktop experience.

As you can see from the text in the screenshot to the left, you can not only edit documents from GoDocs, but you can create new documents.

Just like when you and a colleague edit a shared Google Doc on your desktop, when you edit online with GoDoc, you see edits in real time. It’s that old Apple magic (combined with that new Google magic)!

The main difference between using GoDoc on your iOS device and going to Google Documents on your desktop is document formatting. You can’t change font size, color, no bold or italic, no bullets. If you’ve created or formatted your document elsewhere, the formatting will be there – you just can’t adjust it from GoDocs.

Notice at the upper right you have a toggle to go between Mobile and Desktop views. In the desktop view, all formatting options appear, but you have no access. This is a Google issue, and the GoDocs developers are hoping Google will turn the feature on sooner rather than later. I also hope it’s sooner, because this would make GoDocs pretty close to perfect.

As I stated earlier, my favorite feature is the ability to use multiple Google accounts. I can’t even do this easily on my desktop (and regularly employ 3 browsers just to work around my multiple accounts). You can view Folders (you can even create new folders, and move your documents back and forth to folders). Lots of sync settings, including sync on launch and sync settings to iCloud.

Even without the ability to edit font and style, GoDocs is well worth the $4.99 price tag, and I highly recommend it. Still need to see more? Watch this promo video Lightroomapps has put together.