I wouldn’t describe myself as a huge game player, but I like some games. I don’t have a huge music collection, but it’s enough to fill my 32 GB iPhone. So what do you do when that describes you? Play Guess Your Songs!

Guess Your Songs is a great new game that pits you against your music library. The best way to play? On your iPhone or iPad. This, of course, suggests there are other ways to play, right? Right! You can also play online at guessyoursongs.com. And a little birdie tells me Guess Your Songs will soon be available on other mobile platforms as well.

Let’s go ahead and concentrate on the iOS version for now. How does it work? It goes through your music collection, and randomly picks three songs. You are then played a snippet of one of those songs. It might be a few seconds from the intro, it might come from the bridge, it could come from the climax, or anywhere in between. The total randomness is part of the challenge. You can listen as many times as you’d like, but eventually you have to face your choices. I must admit, I have only tried “Normal” mode. It’s difficult enough. I can’t imagine trying “Hard” or “Harder!”

If you have album art, it’sincluded when you’re shown your choices. You’re given the artist, and song title. All of these can be important, depending on your music library. For example, let’s say you could tell the artist from listening to the little bit of music you heard. Your choices could contain two numbers from that one artist! So now, knowing the song title becomes a little more important.

As I’ve played, I’ve also discovered that the more varied your music collection, the better you can do – unless you really know every note in every song. If you look at the screenshot above, you can see that my 3 choices are three very different genres. I have a wildly eclectic collection, so my choices are pretty obvious much of the time. I have been caught a few times, though, where one choice was rock and two were classical…and the snippet I got to listen to was a single sustained note from a violin. Yikes! I was also tripped up once by a snippet of total silence. The silence may have come from the intro, or it may have come at the end. But unless you are doing more than guessing your music, that’s tough.

As I mentioned earlier, you are not limited to playing on your iOS device. If you are one of the millions of people who still enjoy playing games on Facebook, you can connect with Facebook and play with (against?!) your friends. Playing online, whether directly on the Guess Your Songs site or Facebook, does not use your music library, and is far more likely to contain music with which you are unfamiliar.

When you first connect to Facebook the game will default to the public challenge view. Click on Play Song Clip (under the three boxes with question marks) to hear a short clip of a song. When you’re ready to guess the song, click on Let Me Guess then select the song you think is correct. Once the answer has been revealed, you can listen to the song in its entirety, buy the song by clicking on the iTunes button or click on Next Round to play again.”

All in all, Guess Your Songs is a fun and fast-paced game that relies on your familiarity with either your own music collection (iOS), or contemporary music (online). Since it’s free, you can’t lose. And if you play competitively online, you can actually win – music from iTunes!

Download from iTunes

Play online or Connect with Facebook