Episode 112
Sunday April 1, 2012



  • Software that can extract your iOS devices information and even keystrokes. While not something anyone can buy, if it’’ been done once, it can probably be done again.
  • Edward: Apple TV sucks badly: no iTunes U content playable via Apple TV, damn it, for god’s sake, it sucks so much.
  • Edward: new Macbooks with Ivy Bridge processors coming up in next 2-3 months, probably Macbook Air -like thin but 15 inch size. Edward ponders getting Macbook Air with Ivy Bridge but only if it will have at least 8GB RAM on board (disk size irrelevant only RAM size important)


  • Still no stable ICS for Diana
  • Edward says: Google bastards killed kenny : still no ICS for S2 in Germany – coming Middle April for non-branded S2 but for carrier-branded S2: in May! And it’s just promises. However in some countries ICS for S2 already rolled out.
  • Are more people converting from iOS to Android? Edward notes that Leo Laporte now uses the Galaxy Note. (Pun intended.)


  • Amazon sells pre-orders of the Lumia 900 for a penny – pre-order Lumia 900 here:
  • launch of Nokia Lumia 900 in USA: very important for Windows Phone but if it will fail Nokia will not go down the toilet but will re-try with Windows Phone 8 in December 2012.
  • Phones with 41 megapixels and gyroscopes?!


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