Let’s turn our attention away from all those cool kids playing with their iPhones and Androids and their fancy shmancy apps, and let’s review a Windows Phone app, shall we?

So, why do I review this app? Well, not because it is great by itself – it’s little more than an RSS reader wrapped in an app generated (look ma, no coding!) by follow my feed service (also, young Skywalker, you can have your own Windows Phone app if you only sign up and submit such generated-from-RSS app to Microsoft’s app hub - no need to worry about app rejection as Microsoft now is so needy that it accepts any app no matter what it does).

I review this app because it is the only app I have found in any smartphone marketplace (including iPhone and Android) while searching for “23andMe” – a name of genetic testing company.

Listen, if Apple hadn’t come up with iPhone in 2007, the only multitouch device would still be Microsoft’s ginormous “Surface” table that costs several thousands apiece and that you couldn’t use in bathtub like you can with your smartphone.

Similarly 23andMe Inc company, co-founded by wife of Russia-born Google co-founder, is a genetic testing company that has brought genetic testing to the masses by offering it on a mass scale and thus reducing prices many times to affordable 100-200 bucks. Anywho, that’s a fairy tale that I have told before on this blog: 23andMe review part 2 and 23andMe review part 1. Shortly speaking this test gives you not only info about your ancestry but also constantly updated (with new research!) infos about your health risks. I think, that not taking genetic test is like driving on busy highway with closed eyes. In future there will not be medicine without genetic testing as it is the only way to custom-make medical treatments.

So, back to the app, it shows the latest news from the blog (important as sometimes new research related to your own genes) both in tile form.

… as well as regular lists.

Articles can be read comfortably without additional junk information like ads and fancy graphics.

You can also view and search for news by categories.

Of course you can also visit the official website which opens IE mobile browser.

And here is the settings screen:


This is one comfortable app and with offline viewing, it lets you enjoy given content (here: genetic testing news and stories from 23andMe Inc). Unfortunately 23andMe is a rather small startup and they don’t have their own smartphone app yet, but 23andme Spittoon for Windows Phone comes to rescue!

To get this app, click here: 23andme Spittoon (free) or search for “23andme” in Windows Phone marketplace.