Convertcast – Episode 108
Sunday March 4, 2012


  • Networking at 10,000 Feet: Airlines Are Making the Skies ‘Social’ Dumbest idea ever!
  • Samsung Chaton – cross platform SMS replacement. How does it differ from the competition?
  • (Edward) Mobile World Congress ended : mainly show about android but many visitors and journalists were just using iPad for writing and iPhone for calling – isn’t it funny?
  • AT&T updated its data use policy, capping so-called unlimited plans at 3GB.
  • (Edward) Nokia 808 PureView announced – Symbian not windows phone = windows phone 7.5 sucks, 8 maybe baby, it has 41 pixels nominal but can make only 5 megapixel photos? What the not-duck ?
  • Lytro camera







  • (Edward) Windows 8 CONSUMER preview for the 1st time released (previously: only developer previou) but Edward was too busy with life (as opposed to TV watching) to install it yet
  • (Edward) skype for windows phone released, Edward reviewed it at J.A.G.S. and gives impressions, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM: skype for windows phone ALSO IN FINAL VERSION will not support receiving background calls – scandal!!! … as it works in iOS and Android…
  • (Edward) how many people with Windows Phone Alli knows? 3! Me, her friend with newly purchased Windows Phone and Joel Ivory Johnson!
  • (Edward) on his “podcast about everything”, in latest episode, Edward was chatting with Windows Phone dev MVP – Joel : – about Windows Phone. Funny part of that chat: Windows Phone doesn’t have enterprise-class encryption so many enterprises (including Joel’s) cannot use Windows Phone with Microsoft Exchange but do it with iPhone cellphones! Stupid stupid Microsoft mobile division in action again…



  • (Edward) stil evil, example: people are product for Google not users, product that it sells to advertisers
  • (Edward) funny: Apple sent invitations to ipad 3 event EXACTLY at the moment when Eric the weasel Schmidt, ceo of gloogle, was giving keynote speach during MWC in Barcelona


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