Get ready for some exceptional photography! Latest iOS devices like iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd generation have rear camera with advanced optics, that lets you capture stunning photos but what about timing? It doesn’t matter how many pixels or how good lenses you have, if you don’t time it properly.

With Fast Camera app (it works on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with camera, not just on latest models) you can take several/many sequential photos to capture moments you treasure. Of course you could record video and then try to search for a frame that suits you the best, but the best resolution for video you can get is fullHD (1920×1080) which amounts to 2 megapixels, but with this app you can take photos up to the maximum resolution – 8 megapixels.

Once you start the app it starts taking photos immediately (if you haven’t changed the settings yet) and you have various controls/buttons.

In top row: settings, camera selection (front or reader), flash.

In lower row: number of photos taken by now (it takes many photos per second), review of photos taken, Start/Stop button.

Usually you take several photos of the scene (that usually spans just few seconds and gives many photos) and then review them.

If you tap on preview, then only the checked photos are visible for preview, where you can save taken photo to the camera roll.

In settings screen you can change resolution and other values.


This is one fantastic app and with it you can capture those rare moments like some specific gesture, maybe some sports guy in the air or particularly cute pose of an animal (the title photo was also taken with this app) or person. It may be cumbersome to wait for specific moment to find the perfect moment to take photo, but with this app you can start series of photo taking and then in peace review it later and save the one that is most impressive. The fact that this app can take serial photos in highest resolution (8 megapixel) and also very fast is impressive. If you have any iOS device with camera, you should absolutely get this app now!

To get this app (it’s free now “for today only” already for several days, but not sure how long this “today only” will take so go fetch it now!): Fast Camera for iOS.