Episode 102
Sunday, January 22, 2012




  • Protect IP Act (PIPA), Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), OPEN Act – many sites go dark on 1/18/12 to protest (XDA developers, REDDIT, WikiPedia, CyanogenMod included)
  • KODAK company goes bankrupt, some other companies like Microsoft and IBM fear they can long-term also share this destiny. Did you have Kodak camera or somethig? Kodak bankrupt because failed in TRANSITION from analog film to digital cameras.


  • Some Sprint devices get Honeycomb update.  Evo 3d only gets an update that removes the embedded “spyware” CarrierIQ.  Interesting since Sprint announced back in November that HTC devices would receive ICS in “early” 2012.
  • Diana tries alpha versions of 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs, but WiFi tethering didn’t work, and one ROM wasn’t stable.
  • Second update available for Harley’s Galaxy S on C-Spire, but we don’t know what it is because the update won’t install – had to take it to the store for the last update.


  • Education event 1/19/12: iTunes U app, iBooks 2, iBooks Author
  • review of ibooks 2 by Edward, thoughts about it
  • Absynthe jailbreak


  • windows 8 app store details revealed this week: open source apps will be allowed, laucnhing in early Beta next month (February),  only metro-style apps will be purchasable/downloadable, non-metro-style not but searchable,
  •  Edward this week (!) got popup on his windows phone that new OS update is available – probably “disappearing keyboard”thing – not updated yet because no over the air updates in windows phone like in iOS – shows that microsoft is pushing updates continuously
  •  rumor: windows 8 for ARM processor only for OEMs, not widely available so much more expensive, no way to install windows 8 for ARM on android and HP tablets etc.


  • Google Backup of Android devices – GRRR!!!  Even if you turn it off, it still immediately begins to restore the minute you do a hard reset.  This is BAD if you are trying to fix a problem, and you aren’t sure what app(s) are responsible.


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