Episode 76
April 26, 2011

New iOS Twitter Clients: Tweetbot and TweetDeck 2.0

Location tracking

White iPhones

Bizarre Android issues – Cellular South ->Facebook, only on the Galaxy S, which may or may not have another name. And how the heck do you find screen protectors for your Android phones when a Galaxy on one carrier is not a Galaxy on another carrier?!

iPhone 5 rumours :P

256GB jump drives from China –

AT&T’s crackdown on tethering
equaled only by
Jessie Jackson Junior’s rant on the iPad killing the economy!

iTunes cloud – where is it? And what about free MobileMe – or any great MoMe updates?

What I won this time.

Picks of the week
Alli: DirecTV app –
Jerry:  Dead Space HD –

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