Episode 63
November 30, 2010

Eight Days of Chanukkah Gift giving bliss

First night: Team Apple(Sauce), iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or AppleTV
Second night: AQUOS Quattron LCD TV – 3D or Sony internet TV – Google
Third night: Nook, Kindle, or Galaxy Tab
Fourth night: Wii, Kinect, PSP, Xbox
Fifth night: Segway or Vespa
Sixth night: Mac or PC – your choice, but either makes a great gift
Seventh night: Blueray player
Eigth night: Slingbox

iOS 4.2

CTIA “Hot for the Holiday” Awards – holiday gift giving ideas, almost exclusively Android, with the Tab coming in top spot in several categories.

Smartphone loyalty – Reuters poll
The survey, published on Monday, found that 56 percent of smartphone owners in key global markets were keeping their options open about which phone they would buy next, with only Apple commanding a significant degree of loyalty.

The survey found that just 25 percent of smartphone owners planned to stay loyal to the operating system running their phone, with loyalty highest among Apple users at 59 percent, and lowest for Microsoft’s phone software, at 21 percent.

Of users of Research in Motion’s BlackBerrys, 35 percent said they would stay loyal. The figure was 28 percent for users of phones running Google’s Android software, and 24 percent for users of Nokia Symbian phones.

WebOS 2 WebOS Dev Day recently held in NYC

“Just noticed the plastic sleeve around the Pre 2′s box says palm webOS, not HP webOS. Must have been made at least 2.5 months ago?”
“My Pre 2 still feels blazingly fast even compared to my Pre running at 1 Ghz… ”
“The problem with having this Pre 2 is that I just want to chuck the Sprint Pre entirely! :P”

Levi Wallach:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I spent the last few days in NYC attending “HP
webOS Dev Day” – an developers conference of sorts put on by HP Palm for
current and future developers. It was a very exciting and encouraging
experience. Got to talk personally with lots of folks I’ve only met online
in the developer community, as well as some Palm folk and even Deiter Bohn,
head of Precentral, not to mention Rod Whitby, the main guy behind WebOS
Internals and the homebrew community, the developer who created Neato and
Foursquare webOS apps, the developer who created Badkitty, etc., etc. There
weren’t any big announcements, but there were some continued confirmations -
that HP Palm will be coming out with a tablet webos device form factor in
“early 2011″ and that they will have new phones/devices and that 2011 will
have lots of such stuff. No confirmation on CES or any other specifics.
Apparently HP is in a “quiet period” right now due to an earnings call or
something in 3 weeks. They did talk a bit more about “Enyo” which is their
successor to the Mojo framework a bit more than I think had been publicly
talked about till now. Essentially it’s going to allow for more powerful
and easier to develop code. One example they showed was how one could have
an email app that had different cards representing the different views
(scenes) in the current email app: the accounts scene, the lists of
messages, then an individual message. However, when you have a device with
a larger resolution/form factor, all those scenese can be viewed
side-by-side, almost the way outlook does multiple “panes.”

Not sure if you guys have been keeping up with the articles on Precentral
and WebOSRoundup about the conference, but if not, you might want to check
them out as they’ve posted videos of a lot (perhapps all?) of the talks. A
lot of them are more oriented towards developers, but I’d think at least the
keynote with Ben and Deion, and Phil Mckinney, would be of more general

Oh, and yes, and everyone attending did get a Pre 2! I’m a Sprint customer
and so I can’t quite use it in the way I’d like – it’s a GSM unlocked phone,
but I hear that I can get it activated for $5 on ATT, and another $5 for a
1GB allotment of data, and after setting up your Palm Profile and syncing
all your data, I can essentially just use my Sprint Pre as a wifi hotspot
and it will be able to do really anything that my Sprint Pre can but via
that Wifi instead of 3G. Only thing is that currently you can’t share a
profile to multiple devices, so I will have to set up a second profile and
that means that none of my purchased apps will carry over. I’m sure HP Palm
will be changing this within the next few months. I think they want to
distinguish themselves from Apple by not forcing people to buy an app twice
(once for their phone and a second time for their tablet).

Anyway, definitely helped me do away with building pessimism and doubts
about the future of the platform. Seeing these committed and excited people
(both in Palm, in the developer community, and even developers who are
currently only doing iPhone/Android development but came to this event just
to check it out), it just gave me a lot of hope and confidence that things
will be getting much better for us in 2011.
Actually, now I have a Pre 2, so can answer people’s questions. I got it
only a week ago and believe it or not haven’t had the time to explore
everything about it, but here are some of my big impressions:

1) It is VERY fast. No lag that I can tell. The processor is 1Ghz, but
even with my Sprint Pre overclocked, it still is very noticeably faster.

2) the “text assist” is very nice. Underlines words that aren’t in it’s
dictionary, similar to Word or a browswer that offers spell check. You can
then click on that word to add it to the dictionary or choose one of the
alternate words it suggests. It does auto-correct words, but instead of
just doing it silently, it has an audible click, so you know it’s done

3) for some reason it keeps popping up a notification to do the gesture
tutorial. I suppose I will try doing it the next time to see if it stops
coming up. It seems to come up only once a day and/or if I reset the Pre 2.

4) It also puts a “syncing” icon in the notification area telling me it’s
syncing my google apps account every once in a while, but it never seems to
resolve. I’ve left it on overnight and in the morning it gives me an out of
memory error (I guess same thing as a TMC). It seems to have synced
everything, though, which is why this is a little confusing. Haven’t tried
very hard to resolve the issue as I’ve been too busy with holiday stuff.

5) So far I’ve been tethering it to my Sprint Pre or connecting it to my
home wifi. I’ve found that it connects quickly and easily to the home wifi,
but not so much with myTether on my Sprint Pre (or the hacked Mifi Mobile
Hotspot). It has a hard time establishing the connection.

6) I’m expecting an AT&T SIM card in the mail soon that will let me use
AT&T’s voice and 3G data on a pay-as-you-go basis. I’ll see how it goes,
but it will be awfully tempting to cancel my Sprint line and activate a
non-contract AT&T accound until Sprint comes out with a next-gen webOS
device, something that may not happen for another 4 or 5 months, who knows,
maybe more!

7) Yes, John, it does do Bluetooth keyboards. Mind you I haven’t done this
myself (it reminds me though that I should start looking for cheap
options!), but it was something that was demo’d several weeks ago when
Precentral got a pre-release Pre 2 to review. But the BT keyboard
functionality isn’t something inherent in the Pre 2, but rather in webOS
2.0, so as soon as the carriers update current devices to 2.0, they should
all support this.

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