When I first got my iPhone back in April of ’09, I couldn’t decide whether or not to put a screen protector on or not. I eventually decided to try it, and when someone gave me a Zagg screen protector, I eagerly installed it. I’d used Zagg skins for years on my Palm Treos and Centro, although I had some problems when I tried installing one on my Treo 800w.

Long story short…I didn’t like the way it fit on the back of my iPhone, and it was just too thick on the front to be useful. When I got my 3GS in July, I didn’t even bother. One of the reasons I had trouble putting the skin on the back of my iPhone was I couldn’t see it to get it laid down right. After all, how do you handle something that’s essentially invisible?

But then Zagg started doing something really interesting. They started offering visible protection for the back of the device. Not only visible, but totally custom designed. I couldn’t resist. I uploaded a photo of a cactus flower that I’d taken in the back yard a year ago. The online process is simple, and allows for uploading your own image, or using their designs.

The photo on the left is the actual cactus. The one on the right was done with a macro lens and shows just the center. It’s very vivid, so I thought it would be a great test. If  Zagg could duplicate these colors, they could do anything.

They were running a two for one sale when I ordered (the normal price is $19.99), so I also ordered one with a design my son drew. I’ll be giving it to him when he flies in this weekend so I’m not showing you yet. <wink>

Unlike the old Invisible Shield,  now Zagg skin, the custom skin is peel and stick. No messy liquid solution, no guessing. And no bubbles!

It is, of course, a bit thicker than the Ming Thin, so you can’t put slider cases over it. Then again, it’s thick enough to be protective – at least up to a point. It certainly won’t stop your iPhone from shattering into pieces if you drop it from high enough onto a hard enough surface, but it will definitely keep your phone from getting scratched. It’s a shame that it only protects the back. I would like to see some on the front, just for consistency.

But besides it being protective, and easy to install…it can be gorgeous.

It gives your iPhone a whole new look, and covers everything except the buttons, charging port, and  headset jack. It comes up just enough on the side to leave the silver bezel exposed, but not completely.

The corners fold nicely, too. So there’s no “scrunch” at the edges.

The feel is smooth, but not slippery. It is slightly more “grippy” than the iPhone with no skin/case.

I love the look of the iPhone in my custom skin. I know I can still use many of my favorite cases with it, just not the slider variety. If you want something truly custom that will keep your iPhone scratch-free, I highly recommend a custom skin from Zagg.