Email from our friends at SeeqPod with this news:

We wanted to bring you up to date on a number of exciting improvements for SeeqPod Mobile for Windows Mobile.

We’ve recently introduced the new version 1.3 of SeeqPod Mobile for Windows Mobile, our third major set of new features and upgrades since our initial release in December. We’ve been listening to our users requests and working hard to fix a few glitches we had at the very beginning. If you haven’t taken advantage of our free upgrades since the beginning, you’re in for a big and pleasant surprise!

Our new version now allows users to easily re-authenticate the application if they have done a hard reset to their phone. If you should need to do this in the future, you’ll simply be prompted to enter your email when the application launches and the application will be re-authenticated. There are also a number of other great improvements that you’ll appreciate as well! (see Revision History below)

Users of SeeqPod Mobile version 1.1 and newer are automatically notified of new version upgrades when the application launches and are able to click a link to download new versions. But if you were one of our first users, with the initial version 1.0 application, please point your phone’s web browser to:

Current Version: 1.3

Choose the link that matches your phone and tap or click. The application will be automatically downloaded and installed on your phone (when prompted to overwrite the older version, click Yes).

Windows Mobile Smartphones (non touchscreen phones) for QVGA Displays (320 x 240)

Windows Mobile PocketPC (touchscreen phones) for QVGA Displays (320 x 240)

Windows Mobile PocketPC (touchscreen phones) for VGA Displays (640 x 480)

Launch the SeeqPod Mobile application and enter your registration email address (the one you used when you initially registered).

And you’ll be back up and using SeeqPod Mobile in no time!

You’ll also find it easier to use SeeqPod Mobile now. There are more options for searching, easier access to the Player screen, and a bit of unexpected fun to show your friends…

So what are you waiting for?! Go get your free upgrade and start enjoying the new and improved SeeqPod Mobile!

Remember, SeeqPod Mobile and are great ways to power your parties, no matter where you are! Just connect your mobile device to an audio system via bluetooth or wired connection and dance the night away! Or, fire up on your computer and let your guests program the party!

The SeeqPod Mobile Team is always happy to hear from you. Let us know how you’re using SeeqPod Mobile and be sure to tell your friends! We’re also looking for reviews and videos showing SeeqPod Mobile in action and will be linking our favorites on our site, so send us your links!


The SeeqPod Team

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